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What Are The Best Rental Amenities in Gerringong?

Amenity Overview in Gerringong

Above shows the popular amenities in Gerringong and the number of the rental properties associated with each amenity. In Gerringong, 935 rentals offer TV, 863 rentals offer Parking Available, 857 rentals offer Bed linen provided. So, if you need TV during your vacation, use the TV filter to compare these properties. Two amenities that are not typical are Hot tub, Accessible.

Which Price Range Is Considered As A Good Deal in Gerringong Area?

Holiday house & apartment Accommodation Price Information in Gerringong

The graph shows the percentages of holiday homes in each price bucket. Gerringong has the largest percentage (28.37%) of homes in AU$500+ price range.
AU$0 to AU$50
AU$0 to AU$50
AU$50 to AU$100
AU$50 to AU$100
AU$100 to AU$150
AU$100 to AU$150
AU$150 to AU$200
AU$150 to AU$200
AU$200 to AU$250
AU$200 to AU$250
AU$250 to AU$300
AU$250 to AU$300
AU$300 to AU$350
AU$300 to AU$350
AU$350 to AU$400
AU$350 to AU$400
AU$400 to AU$450
AU$400 to AU$450
AU$450 to AU$500
AU$450 to AU$500
AU$500 +
AU$500 +
Which Accommodation Should I Pick in Gerringong?
Rental Property Types in Gerringong
In Gerringong, 61.24% of listings are house, which is the most popular accommodation out of 18 total accommodation types. Avg price per night for house is around AU$483. And the most searched amenities for house accommodation is Hot tub.The least popular accommodation in Gerringong is bungalow rentals
How Many Accommodation Are Not Pet Friendly in Gerringong?
Pet Friendly vs Pet Not Allowed in Gerringong
26.32% of holiday homes in Gerringong are pet friendly. If you have pet allergies, make sure to check the home property and see whether it is a pet-friendly vacation home or not.
Where Should We Visit in Gerringong Area?
Points of Interests In Gerringong

Here we list the must-visit places in Gerringong:

How Many Airports in Gerringong?
Airports Options in Gerringong

2 airport(s) close to Gerringong are:

What are the must-visit places in Gerringong?
Must See Attractions

Seven Mile Beach National Park is a great place for swimming and walking as well as fishing. There are several picnic areas as well as two sand track walks where you can see birdlife in an ancient and untouched forest.

Gerringong Markets, held weekly at the Town Hall gardens, allow you to find some unique gifts and local produce. You can grab handmade jewelry, homemade cakes, local art, fresh, locally grown produce, and more.

Werri Beach is known for its beautiful beach and surf pool. It is a classic beach area where you can see locals allowing their dogs to jump in the waves or explore the rockpools to see some interesting marine life. It is also a great place to just relax with your feet in the sand.

Where are the hidden gems or unique spots to visit in Gerringong?
Hidden Gems

Buena Vista Farms offers cooking classes based on organic produce and sustainable living. All classes teach you how to create a meal from scratch using whole food methods. Each class starts with gathering the ingredients from the farm, including collecting eggs, milking a cow and pulling fresh produce directly from the plant.

Something many people don’t realize is that there are several wineries in the area that are known for their innovative blends. Wineries like Crooked River Winery are always experimenting with blends which makes tasting wine at their location a unique experience every time.

What are the nightlife spots in Gerringong?
Nightlife Spots

Located off Main Street, Gather by the Hill is a great place to relax with a cocktail and enjoy views of the coast. The interior is drenched in natural light with décor that brings to mind a coastal vibe. Enjoy afternoon drinks or catch up with friends, enjoying beer, wine, or specialty cocktails. They are located at 1/17 Noble Street.

What are the activities in Gerringong that are family friendly?
Family Friendly Activities

Let the family learn how to surf on Seven Mile Beach. There are surf schools that can teach any level of surfer, from the beginner to the expert. Instructors are locals who know the area and are familiar with local surf conditions.

Gerringong Bowling and Recreation Club offers breathtaking views of the beach and is a fun, lighthearted way to spend a day with the family. You can bowl, enjoy a snack or listen to live music. It is a popular location for local families as well. They are located at Pacific Avenue in Werri Beach.

Housed in a former school, your family will love high tea at The Schoolhouse, now converted into a boutique café. The staff says that people who used to deal with homework or detention in the building now come there for delicious food. High tea is something not to be missed with the homemade cakes and scones as well as specialty blends of tea.

How to get around in Gerringong?

The closest airport to Gerringong, Australia, is Sydney Airport, about three hours from Gerringong. The best way to get there is by renting a car.

What does the calendar look like for local events & festivals in Gerringong?
Local Events & Festivals

The Jamboree Music Festival, held in nearby Jamberoo, about 20 minutes from Gerringong, is held in July each year. The festival features talented musicians in several venues, including blues, roots, folk, and indi artists. There are market stalls, street performers and a busking competition.

What are the travel peak seasons in Gerringong?
Peak Seasons

The average monthly temperature in Gerringong is as follows:

  • January – low of 64F (18C); high of 77F (25C)
  • February – low of 64F (18C); high of 77F (25C)
  • March – low of 62F (17C); high of 76F  (24C)
  • April – low of 57F (14C); high of 72F (22C)
  • May – low of 54F (12C); high of 68F (20C)
  • June – low of 49F (9C); high of 64F (18C)
  • July – low of 47F (8C); high of 62F (17C)
  • August – low of 48F (9C); high of 65F (18C)
  • September – low of 51F (11C); high of 68F (20C)
  • October – low of 54F (12C); high of 71F (22C)
  • November – low of 58F (14C); high of 72F (22C)
  • December – low of 61F (16C); high of 76F (24C)

The area gets 1012 millimeters (40 inches) of rain each year and it rains every month of the year.

How to plan 1 or 2 or 3-day trip itineraries in Gerringong?
Trip Planning

Start by taking a walk along Werri Beach where you can even take a surfing lesson. After splashing in the waves, stop at the Werri Beach Fish & Chips Shop, a local favorite for fresh seafood. Stop in at The Siding, a distillery and brewery settled in an old dairy farm. Finish with dinner at Bella Char Restaurant.

The next day, go window shopping on Fern Street where you can find beautiful boutiques. Take a cooking lesson at Buena Vista Farms before grabbing lunch at Perfect Break. Visit the Gerringong Museum and then stop for high tea at The Schoolhouse. Finish with dinner at the Retreat Restaurant.

Where to visit in order to explore art and culture in Gerringong?
Art & Culture Places

Gerringong Museum, operated by the Gerringong & District Historical Society, contains many displays that feature models as well as photographs regarding the history of the area. One exhibit contains intricate models crated by Eric Wagstaff of early buildings in Gerringong. There is also a photographic display of motor racing in the 1920s as well as a display about Charles Kingsford Smith and his launch from Seven Mile Beach in 1933. There are also fauna and geology displays as well as one regarding the local dairy industry.

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